Cairns Mushrooms guarantees quality.

In accordance with the company’s mission to consistently grow and supply the best quality mushrooms Cairns Mushrooms is registered as meeting the requirements of SQF 2000cm Code.

SQF is a food safety standard that specifies the quality management system requirements necessary to identify food safety and quality risks, as well as validate / monitor the control measures. The SQF 2000cm Quality Code is a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)-based food safety and quality risk management system covering all food chain stakeholders. It covers the identification of food safety and quality risks, and the validation and monitoring of control measures.

Cairns Mushrooms received its ‘Certificate of Registration’ for meeting the requirements of the SQF 2000cm Code on 6th June 2007. Cairns Mushrooms has Level 3 registration, for Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System. The scope of registration includes: Growing & Production of Fresh Produce (Fungi) and Fresh Produce Pack House Operations (Fungi).

By certifying the business against the SQF standard requirements, Cairns Mushrooms:

  • enhances their food safety and food safety management system
  • demonstrates their commitment to producing / trading safe food
  • increases the confidence of consumers/customers
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