What can you make with your mushrooms?

This page is updated monthly, with delicious, new mushroom recipes: this month, we feature a creamy, chicken, bacon and mushroom pasta.

Creamy Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta

Serves 4 adults


  • 350 / 400g Chicken breasts: diced

  • 5 rashers of Bacon: diced
  • One large Onion: finely chopped
  • Three cloves of Garlic: finely diced
  • A handful of Snow peas: roughly chopped
  • Two cups of Mushrooms (suggest Cups, but Buttons are okay too): sliced
  • A dollop / squirt of Tomato Sauce
  • 600mL Cream (pouring cream)
  • Salt & pepper


Using extra virgin oil, cook the chicken, adding the bacon, onion and garlic when the chicken has turned white and is mostly cooked through. Continue cooking, on medium to high heat, until all is thoroughly cooked (onion is transparent etc).

Then, add the tomato sauce (a good squirt) and salt & pepper to taste: stir until all mixed through. Now quickly add the mushrooms and cook at same heat (stirring continuously) until the mushrooms are cooked right through and soft: this should only take a few minutes.

Now add the cream and snow peas. NB: You do not (have to) use all of the cream; just add enough to make a ‘sauce’ based on the quantity of your chicken / bacon / mushroom mixture in the pan.

Keep at high heat and stir through until all is mixed and the cream is bubbling. Leave the cream to bubble until it has reduced down and ‘caramelised’ (taken on the mushroom / tomato sauce colour).

Optional: depending on how you are going with the pasta / rest of your meal preparation, you can either serve over your favourite pasta immediately, or you can reduce heat and let it simmer along for a few minutes, the sauce will thicken up some more. Either is fine.

Serve with favourite pasta: suggest flat fettuccine.

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